How to Prepare your Home for Fall (free printable)

The end of Summer is going to creep up on you in a blink of an eye.Sheet of paper with how to prepare your home check list on it

There are some important things you will need to do to get your house prepped for the colder months. Just tackle a couple of these simple chores each week, and your home will be good to go until next Spring! Of course if you are one of the lucky ones living in the south, some of these might not apply. Here is a FREE PRINTABLE of my handy dandy check list. Grab a clip board, print the list, and get to work!

CLICK HERE for free printableimage of 2 sheets of paper with how to prepare your home check list on them

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How to Prepare your Home for Fall:


  • Ensure that the furnace is in proper working order
  • Change air filters
  • Bring out winter bedding and clothes
  • Inspect an clean fireplace and chimney
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replace batteries
  • Check and replace work weather stripping
  • Create a dedicated space for muddy shoes and rain coats
  • Check and service the HVAC system
  • Drain the hot water heater
  • Reverser your fans (they will circulate warm air if they turn clockwise)


  • Stock up on firewood
  • Check the roof for and obvious signs of damage
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts
  • Clean the BBQ grill
  • Winterize your pool with a winterizing and closing chemical kit, and cover with pool cover
  • Service and prepare your snowblower
  • Put away or cover outdoor furniture
  • Drain and stow hoses
  • Check exterior caulk and redo if necessary
  • Fix cracks in your patio and driveway


  • Clean flower and garden beds
  • Rake up leaves and clear brush
  • Mow and fertilize the lawn
  • Bring in potted plants
  • Plant bulbs for spring flowers
  • Cut back perennials
  • Cover tender plants with mulch

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