12 Things You Should Clean Right Now

Bust out your favorite cleaning supplies…. here are 12 Things You Should Clean Right Now (that you probably haven’t thought to do).12 Things You Should Clean Right Now - The Rockstar Mommy

Sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning are on the top of our minds right now. While you are probably already a pro at cleaning your phone, countertops, and bathrooms, there are a ton of places you have probably forgotten to scrub, BUT very important to clean. Those of you who know me, know that I am a germaphobe, and pride myself on my sanitizing skills, but even a couple of these I have missed.

12 Things You Should Clean Right Now

  1. Vacuum handle – Holy cow. I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t think I have ever Cloroxed my vacuum handles! (yes handles, I have several vacuums)
  2. Refrigerator handle – Some people totally forget this one.
  3. Microwave touchpad – Think of this as your gross kitchen remote control.
  4. Cleaning supply bottles ⁠— Even if you are cleaning with gloves on, you can transfer bacteria and viruses back on to to the handles of the bottles.
  5. Floor baseboards ⁠— These get wiped down all the time, but how about sanitized? This is most important when you have littles in the house.
  6. Remote controls and gaming controller. – Most of the time when you are channel surfing, or gaming, you are also snacking. So all those germs will be going right into your mouth if you are snacking on chips, popcorn, or candy.
  7. Light switches – Think about how often you touch these. EVERY DAY!
  8. Toilet flusher – These can be just as gross as the inside of your toilet.
  9. Dresser handles – Door knobs are a no brainer when cleaning, but the dresser handles in our bedrooms are something I rarely think about cleaning.
  10. Car ⁠— This includes your steering wheel, gear shift, radio buttons, door handle, seat and your keys.
  11. Mail box ⁠— Just take a Clorox wipe with you when you go get the mail. Problem solved.
  12. Reusable grocery bags – Make sure to give those a good cleaning after shopping at the stores. Here is a link explaining how to clean the different kinds of bags.

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SOME OF OUR FAVORITE CLEANING SUPPLIES (some maybe hard to get during this time)
  • Spin Mop – with removable washable mop
  • Microfiber clothes – we use these on everything!
  • Box of rags – these are long lasting, reusable and easy to sanitize.
  • Powdered Tide – this is key in the bleach, water, tide mix!
  • Soft Cleaner – This stuff is that bomb! It is a Rust and Stain Remover for Stainless Steel Sinks and Countertops, Porcelain and Ceramic Tile, Copper, Brass, and More
  • Steam Mop – got dirty grout?


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