How to be a Positive Parent When You’re Exhausted

Being a parent can be rather overwhelming and busy right now.How to be a Positive Parent When You're Exhausted - The Rockstar Mommy

Raising little kids into well-rounded adults is no easy task and as you face each day you may find that you’re having a difficult time staying positive during trying times. Doing too much as a parent can lead to lack of sleep, which then forces you to walk around exhausted every single day.

The problem with being an exhausted parent is that you still have to take care of your kids and get through each day without making the kids feel the pain of adult life. If you’re looking for ways to be a more positive parent when you’re simply too exhausted to do much of anything, then continue reading for some tips on how to be a positive parent when you find yourself completely exhausted.

How to be a Positive Parent When You’re Exhausted

Take a Nap – even if it’s just 20 mins of quiet time.

The reality of being exhausted is that it usually stems from doing too much and not getting enough sleep. No one is going to be very happy nor positive if they’re not getting enough sleep each night. It’s hard enough to focus on daily tasks when you’re exhausted, never mind trying to raise kids. Try to take a nap throughout the day to recoup your mind enough to be a positive parent for your kids.

Make a Plan – even if it’s just a short plan.

Develop a plan for taking care of the kids when you’re exhausted. No matter how hard you try to get enough sleep or stay sane, you’re still an imperfect human who will have an off day. If you wake up and realize that you’re too exhausted to do much of anything, sit down and create a plan for the day so that you have something to focus on that doesn’t require too much thinking during the day.

Let it Flow – let it go as Elsa says

If you’re so exhausted that the idea of making a plan for the day exhausts you even more, then try to let things flow by. Allow things that you normally would try to be proactive about slip to the side, it won’t harm your kids’ development by allowing one day in their life to just be a day that you sit back, relax and only make sure their needs are satisfied while everything else goes with the flow.

Be Sneaky – it’s ok to be sneaky every once and awhile

Last, but not least, find sneaky ways to set your kids up with activities that will keep them entertained, calm and moving through their day without needing too much from you. This will help ensure that you remain a positive parent when you’re exhausted and that the kids are taken care of. This will provide you with some time to sit down and relax while the kids enjoy independent play time. And independent play is oh so important right now.

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These are just some of the ways you can work to be a positive parent when you’re exhausted. The key to handling parenthood when you’re exhausted is to try to create a day that doesn’t require you to do too many things and remains calm until bedtime for the kids arrives later in the day. Rock of Rockstar Mommies.

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