Funny Quarantine Word Search Printable

Why not work on your word search skills while you are cooped up at home!


Quarantine Word Search Funny Quarantine Word Search Printable

Funny Quarantine Word Search Printable

We are all trying to keep our sanity during this world wide quarantine.  I thought it would be fun to lighten things up for a change! This funny word search was made to highlight all the items, tools and language we have been grown accustom to during these past couple months. I bet you have used, worn, or said at least 5 of these listed words in the past 4 weeks. HA!

Not only are word searches fun, they can help lighten your mood! According to, these word puzzles can actually cause a dopamine increase. The website explains, “When we finish a task, like finding words in a word search puzzle, our brains reward us with a surge of dopamine. Keeping this dopamine flowing can keep us motivated in other areas of our lives.”

So whatcha waiting for? Grab your favorite highlighter, pen or pencil…..  CLICK HERE for the PDF printable version of my Funny Quarantine Word Search Printable and getting hunting for some words.

Who will be the first one to find the toilet paper! 🤣

NOTE: Diagonals are in use for this word search. I made this one a medium difficulty level so the whole family can enjoy and be challenged. If you GET STUCK…. here is the answer key.

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