It’s Ok To Be A Hot Mess Mom

It's Ok to Be a Hot Mess Mom - The Rockstar Mommy

Motherhood is revered in a way fatherhood could never even dream of. The problem with all of this fancy mommy imagery is that we find ourselves comparing ourselves to it. Everybody has a set of skills, for some homemaking comes naturally. For some working outside of the home is a better fit. Some moms breastfeed, some moms bottle feed.

The average woman wants to be able to do it all, but life comes at us awfully fast. Before you know it, we are exhausted, angry, and left without very much energy to care for our precious children. It may seem like you are not doing it enough, but remember you are trying (and usually succeeding) to do it all. Here’s why it is best to be a hot mess mom.

A Hot Mess Mom

You don’t get caught up in the details:

Details are important, but sometimes we can become so caught up in details that we lose the spontaneity that makes life worth living. Hot mess moms aren’t worried about the details all the time. We will leave the dishes unwashed to cuddle a baby. Laundry is important but we might skip it to watch a movie with our sweetheart. ❤️

There are so many moments in life that we can miss if we insist on keeping a perfect home and never being behind in a chore. Cobwebs will keep, but our children grow and our significant others age in the flash of an eye. The hot mess mom knows what is important, and places her time there, even if sometimes she longs for a little less chaos.


Having a good time means more than perfection:

It’s hard to enjoy yourself at dinner when a stain on the tablecloth messes it up, isn’t it? Ok, so there is nothing wrong with spotless linen, but a hot mess mom places her value other places. Having a great time baking with her kids means more than having perfectly sized cupcakes.

A spill on the carpet might annoy her, but she won’t scream and yell at her kid about it. She’ll google how to get the stain out, forget to do it, and have a story to tell her friends about later, and giggle over.


Her irreverence gives others the space to be themselves:

People who are too perfect tend to alienate people because they see their own flaws in comparison. The hot mess mom, irreverently herself, gives other people the space to do the same. It isn’t easy to be yourself in this world, but the hot mess mom manages it somehow, and when it is a quality that she isn’t a fan of, she finds a way to work it to her advantage. When someone is themselves without fear or shame, it encourages others to be able to be themselves as well. When we are our true selves we are happier better people. That in itself is a beautiful thing.

Being a hot mess mom can be stressful. You have more mess, less time, and you may even be a little more scatterbrained than the average mom. What you are not is lacking in love and happiness. That, above everything else, is the best part of being a hot mess mom.





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