Tips for Communicating Better with your Teen

The teen years can be bumpy. Here are some tips to smooth out this rocky road.

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The teenage years will find you wondering if your child has gone backward. Teenagers are very similar to toddlers in that the world seems to revolve around their wants, needs, and desires. It’s very difficult for parents who find themselves in their first teenager. The communication seems to break down during this stage in parenthood.

Your teenager wants to be on their own, yet they’re not quite ready to be an adult. If you’re wondering how in the world you can master talking with your teen, without getting angry, then you’re in luck. I have some tips to help guide you towards a positive relationship with your teen during these trying times.

Tips for Communicating Better with your Teen

Always Try To Understand

Even if you don’t understand or agree with your teen and what’s going on in their world, the best way to have better communication with your teen is to always try to understand. Whenever you’re engaging your teen in a conversation or they’ve started a conversation with you, always reply from a place of understanding so that they’ll continue to open up and communicate with you no matter what.

Remove Emotions

The last thing a teen wants to deal with is their parents’ emotional reactions to something they’re trying to pen up about. The biggest key to communicating better with your teen is to try to remove all parental and human feelings from the equation. Whenever you feel a strong emotional response to what your teen is saying, walk away or take a few deep breaths as you continue to hear what they have to say.

Make Time

Some teenagers simply won’t talk to you. They will hold it in and talk to their peers rather than coming to a parent to open up their thoughts, feelings and current experiences. The best way to encourage better communication with your teen is to make time for them. Whether it’s a 20-minute session during a meal or playing their favorite game with them, making time will help them open up more regularly.

Ask Honest Questions

Teenagers tend to be indecisive and avoidant if there’s an opening for that. They can also be very defensive due to their wonderful hormonal changes. It’s important that you ask honest questions that will encourage a solution driven response. As an example, if your teen is struggling to get up for school on time, as to why they think they may be sleeping in. This will open up the chance for a positive conversation.

Communicating better with your teen may feel like a project and a half, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Following these simple tips for communicating better with your teen will ensure you’re able to know what’s going on in your teen’s life as well as be able to discuss important events as they come up in your teenagers’ life. Better communication with your teen is simply a positive stepping stone to being more included in their teenage world.

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