5 Ways to Get Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the parents getting everything organized and clutter-free, this time of year it’s important to get the kids involved with spring cleaning too. Whether you’re going to make it a family weekend of spring cleaning or you want to make it a week-long event where everyone in the home has their own lists of chores to get done for spring cleaning season, I have some tips for you today. I’m going to show you how to get everyone involved with spring cleaning.5 Ways to Get Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning - The Rockstar Mommy

5 Ways to Get Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

Give Choices

Don’t assign spring cleaning chores to your kids, ask them which chores they want to do. Create a spring cleaning chore list that is kid-friendly. Place this list somewhere where your kids can pick a specific number of spring cleaning chores to do during your family spring cleaning event.

Offer Rewards

Some parents opt to offer incentives or some form of reward system to help get kids to help with spring cleaning. Since these chores may be up and beyond the kids regularly scheduled chores, you may want to offer some sort of reward system or incentive to get them moving and helping.


When it comes to getting kids to help with spring cleaning, it’s important that you assign age-appropriate chores. If the chore is too tedious or extreme for a kids’ age then they’ll get more discouraged and frustrated which could make them give up completely.

Have a Blast

There’s something about the words “spring cleaning” that don’t sound like much fun, but this can be a fun event. Whether you set timers to challenge the family to get things done quicker or you make a game out of spring cleaning or play music and dance around, there are ways you can make this FUN.

Be Creative

Dusting can be done with a pair of socks. Cleaning windows can be done with a fun, kid-styled spray bottle. There are many creative adjustments you can make so that the kids have fun with their spring cleaning chores, such as using socks to dust.

If you’re going to be venturing into spring cleaning season with kids in tow, it’s important that you use my tips to help get those kids involved without any drama. The key to getting kids to help with spring cleaning is to require their assistance, allow them to have choices and make it fun for them. When you use my tips you’ll find that the kids are happy to assist in spring cleaning this year.

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