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5 Tablets for kids - The rockstar Mommy

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Tablets are a thing of now, not the future. Kids are using them in pre-school and kindergarten. We may not like this change, but in reality it is a good thing. All jobs and learning is going the technology route. The skills they learn at a young age can help them succeed later on and not have such a large learning curve.

One thing you do have to know about tablets is that not all of them are created equal. Some have different settings, different memory sizes, and much more. Some are even made just for certain brand of games and apps. Here are 5 kid tablets that we recommend.

5 Tablets for Kids

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

This tablet has a 7inch screen, kid proof case and 16 GB of memory. The parental controls are perfect to keep the kids safe and even have limited screen time. You can set the time of day it can be on and even how many hours total they can be on it. It uses the kindle store and android apps. To add anything to it you have to be on the parent side and have a password.

5 Tablets for kids -- The rockstar Mommy

Ematic PBS Kids Playtime Tablet

This table like most these days also has a 7 inch screen, case and 16 GB of memory. This one comes with 23 preloaded games and is PBS oriented. It does have parental controls to help keep the kids safe and from adding anything.

5 Tablets for kids -- The rockstar Mommy


Leap Frog Learning Tablet

Also 7 inch screen, 16 GB of memory and protective covering. It has 20 apps preloaded, grows with the child in set able stages and works with android apps. It does have parental controls to add content.

5 Tablets for kids -- The rockstar Mommy


20+ FREE Top Educational and Game apps, age appropriate for each kid. With KIDS PLACE Parental Control, No.1 Kids OS, there’s no need to worry about unfriendly content on the Internet, kids can get access to fun and educational games, videos and websites which you choose for them.

5 Tablets for kids -- The rockstar Mommy

NPOLE Kids Tablet 

Designed with kids in mind: pre-installed IWAWA software – best-in-class parental controls allow you to manage usage limits, content access, and educational goals. Pre-installed more than 60 educational apps, and games. As parents, you can select all of the content your kids can see, and you can limit your kids’ screen time.

5 Tablets for kids -- The rockstar Mommy

When looking for a tablet for kids, be mindful of what they have access to. I vote to always get an actual kid tablet with parental controls for safety and time constraints. This will help keep your information safe, your children safe as well as them not able to access or buy anything. If they are a teenager, we understand getting them a real tablet or laptop. Research your options and find the best fit.


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