10 Uses for Dryer Sheets You Need To Try

Are you looking for ways to use dryer sheets besides tackling your laundry?
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10 Uses for Dryer Sheets You Need To Try

Here are some genius uses for dryer sheets that you need to try out today! No matter what your favorite brand or scent is, you can benefit from these dryer sheet hacks below. We all know dryer sheets help soften up our clothes, offer a fragrant scent, and work at breaking down static in our clothes. But, I wanted to go beyond our laundry care, and share ways to save back used dryer sheets to use around your home.

Genius Uses for Dryer Sheets

Deodorant Marks

Nothing is worse than putting on an outfit to see deodorant marks on the sides of your shirt. Instead of a quick outfit change, grab an old dryer sheet and rub it back and forth over the spot where the deodorant is. This will instantly pull up the deodorant, so you know longer see the white residue on your garment.

Pet Hair

Take a dryer sheet and use it to rub over furniture, clothes, lampshades and more in your home. It will help to lift away any dog or cat hair that might be lingering. When you are done just toss the sheet and use a new one until your area is free of pet hair.
How do you use dryer sheets around your home? image of pug wrapped in a blanket


If you have chrome fixtures in your home, simply wipe clean as normal. Then take a used dryer sheet and buff the chrome to give it incredible shine. This can also help to repel water that might hit your chrome fixtures.


Grab a dryer sheet (new or old) and use it to wipe down your wooden furniture, window blinds, and even baseboards. The dryer sheet will help to lift the dust, and it will cling to the dryer sheet.clip art image of a duster

Repelling Rodents

You can use dryer sheets to stuff into any holes you might find in your home where you think mice are getting in. This is a simple way to deter the rodents so they won’t come into your home. If you are unsure of where they are at, simply place dryer sheets in areas like attic or basement that gets minimal traffic.

Clean Your Iron

Just lay out a dryer sheet and set your iron to the lowest setting it has. Then allow your iron to warm up, then slowly rub your iron over the dryer sheet, and watch the residue disappear. Do this until all the residue is removed from the plate of the iron.a green iron on a shirt

Static In Hair

Slip a dryer sheet into your purse for when you are on the go. If your hair is having a ton of static, just wipe the dryer sheet over your hair and instantly the static disappears.

Bug Cleaner on Vehicle

If your window or headlights are splattered with bugs this summer grab an old dryer sheet. Dampen the sheet and use it to scrub away bugs on your headlights and windshield. Don’t use the dryer sheet on the painted areas of your vehicle as this can scratch and ruin the pain. Once you wipe away the bugs, use another cloth to dry up any leftover mess.a person wearing a pink rubber glove washing the front of a car

Stuck On Food In Pots and Pans

Fill your pot or pan with warm water and soap and then toss in a dryer sheet. Let the pot sit for at least one hours and then go back and wash and rinse your pot. This will help to lift away any stuck on food that you are unable to get off the pot. Repeat the process as needed.


If your scissors are not working as smooth as before and not cutting right, you can buff the blades with a used dryer sheet. To sharpen the blades fold aluminum foil together and cut through it. Then repeat buffing blades with dryer sheets. It will help lubricate your scissors for a clean and sharp cut.

Do you have any other creative way to use dryer sheets?

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