Game Changing Maternity Hacks

Game Changing Maternity Hacks

You need to read through these game-changing maternity hacks if you are expecting! These maternity hacks will help you survive your pregnancy! Each day your body will be transforming as you are growing your little bundle of joy inside. Save yourself with these simple but effective maternity hacks! Game Changing Maternity Hacks from The Rockstar Mommy


Kinesio Tape 

You will find a lot of athletes use this tape for helping overcome an injury. Many women have found that using Kinesio tape can help relieve pressure, offer better blood circulation and offers excellent support to your growing bump. You can talk to your doctor about how to place tape properly or find tutorials online. 

Coconut Oil 

Skip the expensive creams and lotions and reach for your everyday coconut oil. Use this to massage on your belly to help with stretch marks and to help relieve the itch some women experience. 

Morning Sickness Supplies 

Never travel without having some essentials for your morning sickness. Saltine crackers, candied ginger chews, Jolly Ranchers, and snacks are always necessary. I also recommend carrying a bag or two with you in case you happen to get sick. I have heard so many stories of people getting sick all over themselves cause they had nothing with them. 

Belly Sleeping 

We all know belly sleeping during pregnancy is off limits. If you can’t find any other comfortable position invest in a pool floaty that is an inner tube. Stick your belly in the hole and then lay right on top of the tube. I hear it can be enjoyable. 

I highly recommend using a maternity pillow to wrap and shape around your body. This will help take a lot of pressure off your belly, back and hips. 

Stretch Those Jeans 

Use a rubber band to wrap around the buckle of your pants to help add a little more wiggle room in your jeans. Just hoop the rubber band around the open part of the fastener, and then with the hooped area secure it onto the button. This can help prevent you from investing in maternity jeans for a bit longer. 


Sneezing, coughing, laughing too hard, can all leave you dribbling pee. Having pads on hand is a beautiful way to prevent accidents that happen during your later months of pregnancy. Also cutting a pad in half and applying to your bra can be a make-shift pad in case you leak milk. 

You will find that some women will leak milk later in pregnancy before the baby arrives. This is a hack you can use during and after pregnancy! 

Swollen Feet 

Limit your salt intake during your pregnancy, because in the end, you will become a lot more bloated in your feet, legs and even hands. One way to help with puffy feet is Tonic Water. The quinine will help to reduce any swelling you have. Ask your partner for a massage on your legs and feet, and it will help even more to get the swelling down as you sip.  

Safe Medications 

Download an app like MommyMeds to learn what is safe during pregnancy. Or if you have an iPhone or use Alexa, you can just ask them. This will help you to know if the medication you are considering is safe for pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. 

Bra Extenders 

These bra extenders are cheap and will help you get through your pregnancy without buying a ton of new bras. Then once you are at the end invest in some nursing bras and your all set. This will save you money! 

Kitchen Tongs or Claw 

Call it crazy but having kitchen tongs or a claw grabber with you in the shower or even around the home is helpful. When you become pretty big in the end months, it is torture trying to bend down. So if you drop that soap a little extra help from a claw or kitchen tongs will save you pain and discomfort! Trust me! 

What maternity hack have you found most helpful

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