Easter Bunny Brew Gift

Easter Bunny Brew Gift - Fun Easter gift craft idea - The RockstarMommy.com

How to make the Easter Bunny Brew Gift

If your not hosting Easter this year, I have a super fun idea for you to whip up to surprise your hosts! Bunny Brew! This easy, festive gift will surely bring a smile to your host’s face. Did I mention it’s incredibly easy to make?

Need a non-alcoholic version? Simple replace the 6 pack of beer with a pack of your favorite bottled soda.

Easter Bunny Brew Gift - items need on table, beer, google eyes, bunny tail, googly eyes, glue, scissors , pink pom, pin and white paper -

Easter Bunny Brew Gift

6 pack of your Favorite Beer
White Spray Paint
Easter Grass
White Foam Paper or construction paper
Pink Foam Paper or construction paper
Large Googly Eyes
Super Glue or hot glue
Pipe Cleaners
Bunny Tail (I got mine at Dollar Tree, but you can also used a bunch of cottage balls glued together)
Pink pom pom

1. Remove beer from the carrier and spray paint the entire box white. Let dry.Easter Bunny Brew Gift - beer carrier being spray painted white -
2. While waiting for the carrier paint to dry, use your pink and white pieces paper and cut two large bunny ears. You will want to make the pink portion smaller than the white, so you can glue it to the white part of the ear.Easter Bunny Brew Gift - bunny ear pieces cut out on table -
3. Glue the pink and white pieces of paper together to create the bunny ears.Easter Bunny Brew Gift - bunny ears put together with glue -
4. Next, create whiskers and nose with your pipe cleaners and pink pom. Secure with glue.Easter Bunny Brew Gift - making whiskers and buny nose with pipe cleans and pom -

5. Once white paint is dry on box, attach your bunny tail to the back of your 6 pack of beer.Easter Bunny Brew Gift - Attaching bunny take to white beer case -
6. Take the the two beer bottles on the ends of the 6pk and glue a bunny ear to the back of each bottle.Easter Bunny Brew Gift - gluing ears to beer bottles -
7. Glue your bunny nose/whiskers onto the 6pk of beer.

Easter Bunny Brew Gift - Fun Easter gift craft - The RockstarMommy.com
8. Glue two googly eyes onto the center beer and fill with Easter grass.Bunny Brew Easter gift idea - TheRockstarMommy.com

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