Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Activities for Kids on Rainy Days - The Rockstar Mommy

Rain is lovely, but for kids not so much because a lot of the times it means that they can’t go out and play. They have to stay inside all day and it to them it feels like they have nothing to do. Well, have no fear because I have some great activities for kids on rainy days, things that will make their day a lot better, the fun doesn’t have to end just because it is raining.

Activities for Kids on Rainy Days


Kids absolutely love to help out in the kitchen and a rainy day is a perfect time to let them. Sit down with them and let them pick out something they would like to bake be it cookies or brownies (something fairly easy so they can help out quite a bit). If they end up picking something like a cake or sugar cookies, something that can be decorated that is even better because it gives them something else to do. I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love to decorate cookies. You don’t have to be limited just to deserts, though, you could make a homemade pizza or anything really, there is no limit.

Fashion Show

Let them throw their own fashion show! They can put together their own looks with dress up clothes they have or their own clothes. If you want to get really creative though you could let them design their own clothes out of materials like newspaper, trash bags, coffee filters, etc. There is no doubt they would have a blast with this one.


Since it is summer you could have them paint some flower pots that they can plant something in on a sunny day. You could also have them paint rocks that they can use to decorate the garden when it isn’t raining. If you wanted to you could also go and buy some pre-made birdhouses for them to paint and decorate or you could cut up some vegetables like potatoes and let them go crazy on some sheets of construction paper making prints. Trust me when I say kids could paint all day long.


Yea you could play some board games you have in the game closet or instead you could let your kids come up with their own. All they will really need is a large piece of construction paper, drawing/coloring utensils, and their imagination. This will keep them occupied for a few hours especially if you let them have complete creative control. Then once they are done you can all sit down and play.

Go Outside

Who says you have to be stuck inside on a rainy day! Sometimes it is nice to go for a little walk and enjoy the cool rain, especially after a hot summer day. You could take your little one on a walk and splash in some puddles, get them a pair of rain boots, a nice raincoat, and their very own umbrella for walks in the rain.

There are so many activities for kids on rainy days, these are just a few of the abundant amount but these are definitely some of the best. Either way, keeping your kids busy on a rainy day doesn’t have to be hard and they can have just as much fun as they would if it were a sunny day. So now you are prepared come the next time there is a rainy day. Have you done any of these activities with your kids on a rainy day before? Do you have any that aren’t on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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