5 Ways to Rock Being a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom can be such a rewarding experience. You’re able to watch your child’s milestones, be a huge part of their upbringing and enjoy experiencing so many of their firsts with them. While being a stay at home mom is rewarding, there are some downsides, as this can be one of the most difficult jobs ever and sometimes it’s rather stressful. If you’re a stay at home mom and want to find out how you can rock this job, then continue reading for 5 ways to rock being a stay at home mom.

5 way to rock being a stay at home mom - The Rockstar Mommy

5 Ways to Rock Being a Stay at Home Mom

Embrace the Strength of Your Choice

Be proud that you made the decision to be a stay at home mom. I’m sure this choice wasn’t an easy one but it was what you determined to be best for your family. Making the decision to be a stay at home mom is one that shows your strength in motherhood. So put that stay at home mom crown on and wear it proudly.

Set a Schedule

In order to get much of anything done, you’ll need to set a schedule during your stay at home mom journey.  Consider working around your child’s schedule for nap time as well as other down moments or independent play time to get your own “must do’s” done. This will help you keep stress at a minimum and allow you to get those necessary tasks done without your child underfoot.

Let go of Perfection

While being a stay at home mom means that you’ll be around your kids more often, it doesn’t mean you’ll get perfect children. Your child will still test boundaries, make messes and drive you absolutely crazy some days. Your home may not be as tidy as you wish and that’s okay. When it comes to learning how to rock being a stay at home mom, you need to let go of perfection.

Fall in Love with Delegating

Don’t forget that there are other family members in the house that can help with some of your tasks. Learn to fall in love and embrace the idea of delegating the tasks that may be more difficult to get done while taking care of your children to other people. Consider using a grocery delivery service and anything else that will help save some time while you’re busy with other tasks.

Be Present

Time will fly by faster than you ever imagined, so remember to always be present. Stop and listen when your children want to tell you something. Hear what your child is sharing with you. Pause your household chores to spend quality time with your child any chance you get. Be silly. Laugh a lot. Embrace these moments for one day you’ll blink and they’ll be teenagers.

There are so many ways you can rock being a stay at home mom, but these top 5 ways will surely lead you in the right direction. The biggest thing you need to do is to pat yourself on the back because this decision may not have been easy but you’ll be so happy that your family worked together to make this a possibility.

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