5 Reasons to Let Go of Mom Guilt

Mom guilt… every mother knows what it is. Most of us suffer from it on one level or another. The thing about mom guilt is that it doesn’t help anyone. It certainly doesn’t help you to be a better mom and it’s most likely just going to bring more stress into your life than you need or want.

5 Reasons to let go of mom guilt for good!

Here are five reasons to let go of “mom guilt” once and for all:

1. You’re not a Mombot – While it might feel some days like you’re operating at the speed of a robot, you’re not. You’re a human and while that fact may seem surprising sometimes, you are limited by your humanity. You can only do so much. Moms have a thing about holding themselves to too high a standard, one that not any human would be able to reach.

2. None of us are perfect – This ties in with number one. Not only are you not a robot, but you’re not perfect either and that’s okay because no one is perfect. Any parent who tries to act like they are is lying to themselves and you. Any parent who looks like they are from afar is only because you don’t know their inner struggle. We all mess up. We all get tired.

3. Being a mom is hard work – Allow yourself to recognize and accept that being a mom is a hard job. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a more difficult job in this world. Accept that for what it is and cut yourself a little slack on things.

4. Guilt isn’t productive – Guilt doesn’t help you in any way. It doesn’t make your more productive. It doesn’t make you a better mom. It doesn’t make you feel better. There’s nothing productive about it at all, meaning it’s a waste of time and energy. Instead, put those feelings into ideas on how you can improve things you are unhappy with.

5. Guilt holds you back – Hanging on to guilt for all the things you’re not doing as a mom will only hold you back from the things you can be doing.

Now that you have these five reasons to let go of your guilt and blame, it’s time to start putting it into action. If you’re especially prone to “mom guilt”, this might be difficult for you at first. It’s basically the same as breaking a bad habit. You need to retrain your brain and change your way of thinking. You can do it!

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