15 Messy Play Ideas That Are Easy to Clean Up

Collage images showing 6 different messy play activitiesMessy play can be a great way for your kids to be able to do creative play without worrying about the restraints of staying within the lines. Messy Play can be a great way to do sensory activities with your kids and let them let loose!

If you’d like to find a fun way for kids to do messy play, without literally wrecking your home, then these ideas are perfect! These messy play ideas are so easy to clean up, and they’re still fun! These are still messy play, so your kids will make a mess, but it’s not too bad!

15 Messy Play Ideas That Are Easy to Clean Up

  1. Wiggly Worm Sensory Play
  2. Rice and Ice Sensory Activity
  3. Nature Sensory Bin Preschool Outdoor Activity
  4. Messy Play Fun with Shaving Cream
  5. Play Brain Surgeon with a Brain Jello Mold
  6. Spaghetti Messy Play
  7. Monster Trucks: Math and Art
  8. Easy DIY Rainbow Salt Sensory Play
  9. Dinosaurs and Rainbow Jelly Messy Play
  10. How to make Cloud Dough
  11. Marble Painting
  12. Colorful Squirt Gun Painting
  13. Pasta Play
  14. Outdoor Tactile Sensory Finger Painting
  15. Apple Picking Sticky Wall

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