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Rainbow Sandwiches


  • Food Coloring
  • Warm water
  • White or Wheat Bread
  • Pastry Brush


  • Start by lightly toasting the bread on the lowest setting. Bread should feel toasted, but not have achieved
  • a brown color. (a little is ok, but the more brown, the less color)
  • Mix drops of food coloring into small dishes, add warm water until the color is as desired. (more water
  • will make the color lighter). Experiment with mixing colors! There are a lot of color charts on Pinterest
  • that will give you formulas, such as Lime Green- 1 part green, 5 parts yellow.
  • Have the kids use a pastry brush (or clean, brand new paint brush) and brush the various colors over the
  • bread.
  • Lightly toast the bread again. This will dry out the slices and make them ready to eat!
  • NOTE* Wheat bread holds up better than white bread and still takes color. This may be a great way to get
  • kiddos to eat wheat bread!